About Us

About Red Law

Red Law was created to provide more accessible and professional legal services to the general public.  Because this is our main goal, we work diligently to ensure we achieve five main objectives with every person that hires us:

  • Produce quality results;
  • Be accessible to our clients and keep them informed through every step of their case;
  • Provide our clients with understandable information to empower them to make decisions;
  • Work out payment plans and fee agreements that are tailored to our clients’ needs; and
  • Aggressively look after the interests of those we represent.

The Founder

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Utah Attorney Trevor Osborn

Trevor Osborn graduated from the University of Utah and was then offered a full-tuition academic scholarship to Chapman University School of Law in Southern California.  Trevor and his family moved to Orange County, California where Trevor began gaining valuable experience with some of the country’s most prominent legal figures.  Trevor worked in several law firms while in California, handling heavily contested divorces and custody battles, drafting complex contracts and estate plans, litigating cases, and having the rare opportunity to work one on one with several different judges that helped him gain an intimate view of the legal process.

Trevor and his family moved back to Utah to be closer to their relatives, and so Trevor could form Red Law PLLC in order to better serve his home community.  Trevor has worked diligently to develop Red Law into an innovative firm that specializes mainly in family law and offers a variety of legal services and billing options that cater to clients’ needs.  Trevor also drafts contracts and estate plans and teams with other attorneys in Ogden to handle civil litigation matters.

Trevor is accessible to his clients, fair in his billing, aggressive and forthright for those he represents, and thoughtful and strategic in how he solves legal problems.