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I hired Trevor to represent me in my divorce after my wife left with my two kids. He was honest and up front with me from the start, wanted to know what my goals were, always returned my calls, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good attorney

Jordan Brineholt

Hillary Kemp - Red Law Utah

Working with Trevor was an unbelievably great experience. When I met with Trevor at his office, he was very professional and friendly. I was going through a very difficult and drawn out divorce and the lawyer I had previously been working with had made VERY little progress in 2 years. Trevor was extremely proficient and wasted no time working to finalize my divorce. He was able to have my divorce finalizex in less than a year! He went out of his way to help me in a situation that was taking a toll on me emotionally and physically.

Hillary Kemp

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I was helping a brother who was overseas get his legal problems handled and this entire office was always very accommodating. The final result was what we wanted and the cost was reasonable.

Jeff Pearson

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Trevor is professional, skilled and passionate about his work. He provides a great service to his clients. I have no problem recommending him to all of my friends in the area. He is confident and capable, I really appreciated all of the work he did for me.

David Dowling

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I’ve discussed legal issues with Trevor on several occasions. He’s very knowledgeable, driven, and genuinely cares about providing high quality services. I highly recommend Red Law for anyone looking for a good attorney in Ogden.

Sterling Okura

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I hired Trevor as my attorney during the opening stages of my business. The legal work behind opening a business is substantial, especially when dealing with an existing “covenant not to complete” agreement with an existing employer. Before working with Trevor, I didn’t have much hope that things would work out, but because of Trevor’s diligence and knowledge with law, he was able to put together a detailed analysis outlining exactly what was needed in order to open our doors with no legal problems. Trevor is not only an expert in what he does, he is also an incredible individual who will go the extra mile to make sure the law is on your side. I will continue to use Trevor for all the legal needs of my business and I strongly recommend him to anyone else looking for a good trustworthy attorney.

Doug McOmie

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I hired Trevor in the middle of the worst time in my life. He helped me focus on what was important and helped me secure custody of my kids. If you’re looking for a good divorce attorney, I’d recommend him.

Julie Riveles

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Trevor was very professional and knowledgeable in the areas of law. Trevor is very good at what he does and was able to get the job done with the outcomes I wanted. He took away all the worrying I had been doing and made the process much easier to deal with. I was very pleased with Trevor and would use him again and refer him to anyone that wants an honest and trustworthy attorney.


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I had an Amazing experience with Red Law. Trevor helped me with a very stressful/emotional child custody case. He was always upfront and honest about what to expect with child custody. Trevor helped me keep in mind that I needed to do what was best for my child. He definitely is a fighter when needed. Fair and worked well with different payment options.
My case was done within 2 months. I got EVERYTHING I wanted in my case and walked away happy about my decisions and outcome. I highly recommend Trevor Osborn for a Child Custody Case.

Nicole Rodriguez

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I’ve asked Trevor for consultation several times on various legal issues. He is extremely intelligent and genuinely wants what is best for his clients. He has a great work ethic and will make sure that he has all bases covered even when you might not be aware those bases exist. He is honest and upfront and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my family and closest friends.

Kawai Goodman
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I really would suggest hiring Trevor for any family law case. He was always prepared and was amazing at helping me see the bigger picture, while at the same time not trying to talk me into a situation I didn’t want. I always felt like he had my best interests in mind rather than just seeing me as a client with money.

Jen Reese

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Good service, accessible, fairly priced, came recommended by another attorney I trust. Staff was friendly. Trevor was aggressive when he needed to be. Case wrapped up quicker than I thought and I was happy with the outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to my family and friends.

Jason Reza
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Trevor has been phenomenal to work with. He is very available and always looking to help. I feel that he has always had my best interests in mind with each piece of advice he gives. He is also very knowledgeable about the law in theory but also in the application and practice of it in real life situations. I feel blessed to have been able to use his assistance in a variety of ways and he has always been extremely reasonable with costs and billing.

Mitch Marsden

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I highly recommend Red Law for Estate Planning and Advanced Health Directives. I worked with Trevor and he guided my wife and I through all of those difficult questions and made sure we felt comfortable with our choices. He was very easy to contact and returned our phone calls and e-mails. Everything was packaged for us to be able to easily find them for future use. We felt that for the money we spent, it was reasonable and fair and it was well worth the peace of mind knowing that our children, home, and other assets are protected.

Blake Moore

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Trevor has helped us through so much!! He has helped us with ORS/child support disputes, he helped us gain FULL custody of my husbands son and most recently helped us in the adoption of my (our) daughter (my husband adopted her).
He is always prepared, punctual, prepared and very professional. We would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney concerning family issues!
Thanks again, Trevor!

Cole 'N Joey Reese

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Trevor is by far the best attorney I know. He has worked on several cases for me and went above and beyond what is expected of an attorney. I always deal with Trevor directly and don’t have to deal with a paralegal and he always returns my calls promptly. Trevor is definitely one of the most knowledgeable attorney’s I know. I trust him beyond words and highly recommend him! He truly cares about his clients and cases.

Jamie Waite

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I put off hiring an attorney for my divorce for a long time because I didn’t want to spend the money and I didn’t want to fight over my kids for the next 3 years. Trevor made both of these things as painless as possible. This was money well spent and Trevor did an excellent job communicating with my husband to get our case done as soon as possible. I would absolutely recommend him and his staff if you’re looking for an attorney.

Rita Bartlett

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I had a divorce that I did not want to happen, it was very heartbreaking. Trevor was very understanding and helpful, he help me see how I needed to protect myself and my child through this horrible time. I highly recommend Trevor and one use him again in a split second.

marla moulding

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I hired Trevor in a really intense custody battle. He helped me feel calm, explained everything in detail, called to check how I was, and made sure I got everything I wanted and protected my best interest!! I would recommend him to ANYONE in need of an attorney! He’s very professional, affordable and easy to work with!

Skye Christensen

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Red Law was amazing to work with through an incredibly difficult/emotional time with custody issues. Trevor helped us to see the most important aspects of what we were wanting to obtain, and how to best fight for those goals. Trevor was helpful in doing everything he could in keeping our out of pocket costs as low as possible. Trevor fought as hard as needed and in the end, obtained a great result for us. We suspect that we will come across more issues with this matter in the future and will most definitely return to Trevor if we are in need of council.

Megan Wright

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All law firms are not created equal, Red Law is clearly a cut above the rest! Trevor Osborn is an excellent attorney. Your future will be safe in his hands.

Eric Washington

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I hired Trevor as my counsel for a child custody case. Trevor was extremely helpful and always returned phone calls and emails very quickly when such questions in my case arose. Trevor and the team at Red Law were fantastic to work with. I never once had one issue or doubt that left me feeling that Trevor wasn’t the right guy for my case! If you are looking for a great attorney look no further. You will be taken care of with this law firm. Here’s a big thank you for all you have done. If I could give ten stars I would. I will definitely seek your counsel if such arises in the future. Thanks again!

Corey Neilson

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Trevor and his team at Red Law are absolutely awesome!! Trevor throughout my entire case was very knowledgeable, professional and understanding.Without hesitation I will always recommend Trevor and his team for any family law case. Thank you for everything!!

Marcel Miller

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The staff at red law knew me and cared about andme and went above and beyond to make sure they did everything they could to protect my kids. We dealt with everything from alleged abuse, cops being called, lying about money, etc. And they handled it all calmly but aggressively. Can’t thank them enough.

Owen Seager

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I went to Trevor for mediation on child support and custody. I went in to mediation feeling frustrated and discouraged and left feeling relieved and optimistic. I was pleased with the outcome. Trevor was informed, creative, and understanding. Highly recommend!

Sunnie Dillard

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Trevor Osborn was great to work with. He does a great job and does his due diligence with everything he does! Great firm!

keith jackson

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I cannot recommend Trevor and his team enough! He is honest, considerate, and intelligent. He mediated the terms of our divorce in the most fair and equitable way imaginable when even I thought it would be impossible to agree on anything. His undying efforts have saved us enormous amounts of time, money and heartache. His knowledge of family law, understanding of human psychology and commitment to our case has fostered enourmous peace at an otherwise tumultuous time. To top it off, his fee for this outstanding service was much less than the value we received. If you are looking to salvage what might be left of a broken relationship while resolving the difficulties of seperation and divorce, look no further. When it comes to family law, Trevor and his team are simply the best!

G. Rob.

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We were extremely pleased working with Trevor. He is very knowlegable, and took great care of us during our case. His prices are fair and reasonable. We had a great outcome working with him. We were lucky to find him, and would recommend him to any of our friends and family. If we find ourselves in need of any legal help in the future, we will be coming back to him.

Michael Terry
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As I was going through hard times dealing with custody and property, Red Law made everything less stressful. They got my case rolling as soon as I told them what I needed from them. I would recommend Trever and Julia to anyone!

aneice r.

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I would highly recommended Trevor and his team to anyone! He was prompt, professional and empathetic. I always felt he had my best interest in mind. It was a very emotional time for me and he was great about not only keeping me grounded and rational, but I knew he’d support any decision I made with my custody case. Their flexible payment option is what made it possible for me to obtain legal counsel and I’m so grateful for it.

Justine Montoya

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My custody battle with my ex husband was and continues to be really ugly. From the beginning Trevor was nothing short of amazing. He’s very quick to respond and has always had my kids best interest at heart. He genuinely cares about his clients and our individual circumstances.
I would recommend Trevor to anyone looking for a good Family Attorney.

Thank you Red Law!

Amber Howell

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Trevor responded immediately and met with us and reviewed documents the same day. He was fast and thorough. Great service.

Marcea Owen

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Trevor will listen to your concerns, and will discuss all approaches regarding your case to keep you informed on your options and different points of view. He is honest and is very time efficient. He is personable and remembers details pertinent to your case. His assistant Kate is always helpful and up to speed on the status of your case. His accountant Angie is very friendly, and is quick to respond to emails regarding payment arrangements. I have, and will continue to, recommend Red Law to anyone needing an excellent Family Law attorney.

Laura Call

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Trevor and his team were really great to work with! I had what should have been a quick divorce turn into a lengthy process. Trevor and Julia at Red Law helped walk me through every step of the way. They informed me right away if any new information came about and were prompt in their replies. Having lawyers in my family (in another state), I know that the pricing is reasonable and that they really do quality work to assist you

Adrienne Miranda