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We offer a variety of estate planning options and have the experience necessary to advise you on which of these options will best help you accomplish your goals.  Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is not just for the elderly.  Having an estate plan can be especially important for those parents with minor children, too.  Additionally, adequate planning for nursing home care, social security, Medicaid, and other end-of-life health care options can significantly increase the value of your estate.

What is Estate Planning?

When someone dies, they leave behind what is called an “estate.”  An estate consists of all the assets an individual accumulated during their lifetime.  Many individuals have specific ideas and wishes as to what will happen with their property after their death, such as who will receive certain items of property, when a given person will receive the property, and what the property will be used for.  The primary goal of estate planning is to ensure that the decedent’s (the individual who has died) property is distributed and managed as they have directed and at the smallest possible financial and emotional cost.

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