Family Law Mediator in Ogden UT

Family Law Attorney Ogden

Attorney Trevor Osborn

Trevor Osborn has mediated numerous cases to successful resolutions.  Trevor began mediating cases at the Riverside County Superior Court in Riverside, California.  There he gained valuable experience mediating family disputes, stalking injunctions, breach of contract cases, restraining orders, multi-member HOA disputes, and business to business disagreements, among others.

Since being licensed as an attorney in Utah, Trevor has had the opportunity to mediate and negotiate various types of cases, ranging from heavily contested divorces to complex business lawsuits.  Because Trevor is a practicing attorney as well as a mediator, he fully understands the litigation process and can help parties fully assess their potential consequences and rewards.

Trevor is personable and direct.  He works to understand each party’s underlying interests and goals and is innovative and skillful in the way he helps parties settle their cases.

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