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Business disputes often come with numerous moving pieces and options.  Red Law is not a stranger to aggressive legal battles, but we are also not strangers to generating creative solutions that resolve business disputes as soon as possible without court intervention.  We understand that for most companies and business owners, the main goal is to get back to business-as-usual as soon as possible.  Our goal is to resolve disputes permanently so they don’t reappear down the road.  Additionally, our experience litigating complex disputes provides us unique insight when drafting agreements and contracts because we are able to foresee future problems.

Business Litigation

Where a court battle cannot be avoided, an aggressive legal strategy is of utmost importance.  Businesses are often not only protecting their money and interests but their reputation and relationships.  We understand this predicament and help clients navigate it.  We bear the weight of developing legal strategy, preparing our clients for court hearings, educating clients on the pros and cons of various options, and drafting court documents. 

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to business litigation because such approaches don’t work.  Instead, we tailor our approach to the unique needs and desires of our clients.  We have had cases where negotiations mended relationships, helping both parties achieve their ultimate goals, and resolved the dispute without any court intervention.  We have had other cases where fast and aggressive litigation was important to establish a strong position and court intervention was necessary to protect company interests and profits.  Whatever your needs might be, we are capable of helping you navigate your business disputes effectively, aggressively, and strategically.

Business Creation

Prospective entrepreneurs and business owners often don’t know where to start when actually creating their business entity, don’t know what type of business entity will best fit their needs, or are rightfully concerned that if they don’t set up their business or company correctly they may see unintended consequences down the road.  We help business owners create their company, get the company set up correctly, draft all the documents necessary for asset protection, and educate the business owner on how to limit their risk.  Sometimes businesses have specific needs that require specific solutions, or they have specific problems that they hope to avoid. 

An often overlooked aspect of starting a new business is the contract (often the Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Partnership Agreement, etc.) or rules by which the new company should operate under.  These documents need to be drafted carefully based on the future goals of the company, the amount of money at risk, the number of owners of the company, and the relationship between those owners, among other things.  Whatever your new business needs may be, we educate you on your options, the potential consequences of those options, and then create practical solutions.

Resolving Contract Disputes

We have litigated contracts, negotiated contracts, mediated contract disputes, and advised business owners in navigating treacherous legal territory.  We take a cost-effective approach to resolving contract disputes.  In other words, filing a lawsuit isn’t always the first action we take.  The most important thing for every business is to stay in business—this means that the business continues to generate revenue, continues to meet its obligations, and continues to meet its customers’ expectations.  Sometimes a court battle cannot be avoided, but they do tie up time and money, so we try and find fast, cost-effective solutions that allow business owners to focus on what they do best.  When court cannot be avoided, we take an aggressive and strategic approach described above under the Business Litigation section.

Mediating Business Disputes

We have experience mediating a variety of business disputes, including HOA disputes, business-to-business litigation, contract disputes, non-compete clauses, and more.  Mediation allows both parties the opportunity to find a solution that works for them and thereby avoids the cost and time of litigation.  In order for mediation to work effectively, you need an effective and experienced mediator.  A mediator that has actually litigated business disputes and contracts in the past can provide both parties with potential outcomes if they decide to litigate, the cost of those outcomes, and the timeline for those outcomes so both sides understand the true weight of their decisions. 

As mediators that have experience in the courtroom, we can tell clients the possible outcome of their case, help them assess their risk and exposure, and make suggestions as to how they can protect what’s most important to them.  Companies or business persons in the midst of their dispute often say, “We’re too far apart with what we think is fair to ever come to an agreed-upon solution, so mediation isn’t worth it.”  This is true less often than people may think.  Mediation with an experienced mediator can yield good results that are far cheaper and faster than courtroom litigation, and good mediators can generate solutions the disputing parties may not have considered.

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