Negotiating Contracts in Ogden UT

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How we Help Clients Negotiate

Our law firm frequently helps clients negotiate terms with the other party to a contract.  Practically speaking, this takes place in one of three ways.  First, we are behind the scenes as you negotiate terms with the other side.  This often means the other party doesn’t know you have hired us, as we don’t ever speak to them.  We are there to inform you of what terms need to be negotiated, what terms protect you, and help you strategize so you can realize the greatest benefit with the least amount of risk.  Second, we speak to the other side and negotiate terms for you.  Or third, we speak with the attorney representing the other side and negotiate terms for you.  These second and third options are often a necessary arrangement when a deal needs to be made between two parties that have had a falling out—such as business partners.

Benefits of Assisted Negotiation

When we negotiate, we begin with the end in mind.  This means that we are always looking to what terms will ultimately be written into a final contract that will be signed by all involved parties.  We work aggressively to ensure your goals are met and your top priorities reached.  However, we also understand that good business often depends on the longevity of quality relationships.  As we negotiate for you, we do so in a way that maintains those valuable relationships that drive your business forward.