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For most, the divorce process is one of the most stressful times of their life.  At Red Law in Ogden, Utah, we work vigorously to help you protect what is most important to you.  As your divorce lawyers in Ogden, we work to resolve your divorce as quickly, inexpensively, and painlessly as possible.

Our firm will help you understand the often-complex divorce process so you are empowered to set yourself up for success.  We will meet with you as often as needed in order to identify your goals, help you set clear expectations, and achieve a fair and just resolution of all divorce matters.  Here are several of the legal issues that will be considered in a Utah divorce–click on the links to learn more about any of these subjects:

  1. Custody of children.  Utah courts will decide what type of physical custody and legal custody you are awarded.
  2. Parent-time.  Parent-time refers to how often you get to spend time with your children, and what your parent-time schedule will be.
  3. Child support.  The court will enter an order requiring one of the parents to pay the other a certain amount of child support.
  4. Alimony.  Sometimes one parent is required to pay alimony, or spousal support, to their ex-spouse.
  5. Division of the marital home.  If you and your ex cannot agree on what to do with the marital home, the court may do any number of things with it, including (1) awarding the home to one of the parents, typically the one that will have custody of the children; (2) require that the home be sold and the profits split between the two parties; (3) require that one party buy out the other party’s interest in the home, sometimes by giving that other party additional assets like cars, retirement money, etc.  Learn more about this here.
  6. Division of personal property.  The parties to a divorce will need to divide all of the property they acquired during the marriage, including furniture, cars, electronics, common household items, children’s personal items, etc.
  7. Retirement accounts.  Typically, a spouse is entitled to half of all the retirement money that has been saved during the course of the marriage.
  8. Debts.  Those debts that were entered into during the marriage will usually be divided fairly between the parties unless one of the parties accrued debt that was solely for their own benefit.
Your Ogden Divorce Lawyer: Resolving Cases as Quickly, Inexpensively, and Painlessly as Possible

We utilize all of the tools at our disposal in order to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.  We understand that you don’t need the expense, stress, and disruption of a divorce process to last longer than it should.  However, we also understand that it is often necessary to navigate this process to ensure you accomplish your goals.  We will fight to protect your rights and ensure that you have set yourself up to successfully move on with your post-divorce life.