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A Potentially Valuable Tool

Our divorce and custody attorneys view mediation as a potentially valuable tool towards saving you money and giving you control of your future.  Keep in mind that only 4% of custody cases nationwide actually go to trial.  This means that in 96% of custody cases the parties are settling their disputes by coming to an agreement.  Divorce cases are much the same–a large majority do not go to trial. However, we also understand that mediation isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes parties are better off walking away from a mediation where the other side is being unreasonable and demanding.  When this is the case, we will fight to achieve your goals through litigation.

Benefits of family mediation:

  1. Save money on attorney fees by avoiding a costly trial.
  2. Create a settlement agreement that works for you, rather than have the judge determine your future.
  3. Have the freedom to put into the settlement agreement virtually anything that accommodates your unique needs, and the unique needs of your children.
  4. If you have minor children, avoid a costly and invasive custody evaluation.
  5. Avoid the stress and damaging effects of ongoing litigation.

Family Mediation Attorney in Ogden, Utah

If your case is one where you don’t think you need to hire attorneys, click here to learn more about our mediation services.  In addition to full attorney representation, we offer mediation services that can help individuals resolve their Ogden, Utah family law cases.