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A Potentially Valuable Tool

Our divorce and custody attorneys view mediation as a valuable tool that can possibly save you money and give you control of your future.  Only 4% of custody cases and 2-7% of divorce cases nationwide actually go to trial–this means that a large majority of the people involved in family law cases are settling their disputes by coming to an agreement.  However, we also understand that resolving a case through mediation isn’t always the answer.  Sometimes parties are better off walking away from a mediation where the other side is being unreasonable and/or demanding.  When this is the case, a person must fight to achieve their goals through litigation.

Benefits of family mediation:

  1. Save money on attorney fees by avoiding a costly trial.
  2. Create a settlement agreement that works for you, rather than have a judge determine your future.
  3. Have the freedom to put into the settlement agreement virtually anything that accommodates your unique needs and the unique needs of your children.
  4. If you have minor children, avoid a costly and invasive custody evaluation.
  5. Avoid the stress and damaging effects of ongoing litigation.

What Actually Happens in Mediation?

At the beginning of a mediation, the parties (and their attorneys, if they have them) will usually be put in the same room for a few minutes while the mediator explains the goals of mediation, the rules, and the fees.  After that, the parties (and their attorneys, if they have them) will be put into their own separate rooms.  The mediator will then go back and forth between the parties, attempting to find common ground, room for negotiation, and ultimately a settlement.  Mediators attempt to address the parties’ greatest, underlying concerns and find creative options to address those concerns.  If a resolution is reached, the mediator (or attorney, if one is present) will draft up the terms of the agreement and have the parties sign it before anyone leaves the mediation.  At the end, the parties will usually each pay 50% of the mediator’s fees.

Family Mediation Attorney in Ogden, Utah

If your case is one where you feel you and and the other party can work out an agreement, click here to learn more about our mediation services.  In addition to full attorney representation, we offer mediation that can help individuals resolve their Ogden, Utah family law cases.