Bodily Injuries

Bodily Injuries

If you’ve had an injury to your body as a result of another person”s actions, you can recover money damages by holding that person accountable.  It’s important that you go to a qualified physician immediately after you suffer any bodily injuries so the doctor can determine the extent of your injuries, track your progress and recovery, and document important details in your medical records.

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Need for Experts

Frequently, in a Utah personal injury case, there is a need to hire expert witnesses to testify at trial regarding the extent and scope of your bodily injuries.  Attorneys are not medical doctors by any sense of the imagination, so it’s often impossible for us to determine how your injuries will impair you both short and long term, what medical procedures may be necessary in the future, whether full recovery can be expected, etc.  Medical experts help us, and the jury, determine these important issues.

Typical Law Governing Bodily Injuries

Since bodily injuries can occur in so many different circumstances, a wide range of laws are implicated.

BatteryIf your injuries are caused by someone intentionally harming you, you may bring a lawsuit based on battery.  A person may be liable for your injuries if he acts intending to cause harmful or offensive physical contact, and the person actually succeeds in harming you.  This is different from negligence, where the person who harms another usually does so unintentionally.

NegligenceIn a negligence lawsuit, you must show that an individual failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances and as a result you suffered injuries.

Products LiabilityIf you are injured by a product, you will need to show that the manufacturer, designer, tester, distributor, or inspector failed to perform their duties as they should have and as a result you were injured.  Defective products include defective car parts, household appliances, tools, equipment, consumer items, etc.  Click here for more information on products liability.

Injury from Property.  Many people are injured as a result of an individual’s or business’ failure to adequately upkeep their property.  This kind of lawsuit is similar to a common negligence claim, but is typically called “premises liability.”  To succeed in this kind of lawsuit, you usually need to show that the property owner knew there was a danger on the property, didn’t alert you to or protect you from that danger in any way, and you were injured as a result.

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Please be aware that these laws have been simplified to their most basic form.  Almost every lawsuit is unique, containing caveats, exceptions, and other fine details that apply to specific circumstances of the case.

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