I was Injured, What should I Do?

I was just Injured, What Should I do?

Below are a few tips on how to increase your potential overall recovery in a Utah personal injury case.  Please note, if you failed to do some of the things listed, that doesn’t mean your lawsuit won’t be successful—in fact, that’s not the case at all.  These are suggestions that can help expedite the information gathering process and in some instances provide more avenues for attacking the defendant, but none of the items in this list are dispositive.

  • Work to obtain all the evidence listed on our What Evidence do I Need page.
  • Pictures & VideoTake pictures and video if possible.  Take pictures of your wounds, the scene of the accident, witnesses, license plates, your damaged property, other individual’s damaged property, the person responsible for injuring you, and anything else related to the accident.  Pictures and video can be used to document your injuries and other damage, identify witnesses, and give a jury a memorable image they can place with oral testimony.
  • Keep a DiaryWrite down as much as you can about the injury you suffered, the money you have spent related to the injury (medicine, repairing property, co-pays, lost wages, etc.), what affects you’ve suffered due to your injury (e.g. inability to exercise as you used; unable to sleep at night; can’t stand for long periods of time; don’t feel safe driving your car, if your injury resulted from a car accident; etc.).
  • Take Notes on ConversationsIf you have already had conversations with people involved in the accident, make notes of those conversations—be as detailed as possible, and don’t spare the facts that you think weaken your case.
  • Don’t talk with anyone about the accident.  If you’re contacted by any individuals (e.g. the other party involved in the accident, an insurance company, local news, etc.) tell them, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about the accident at this time,” and then consult with your personal injury attorney as to the best course of action.